Completely Unique Old Shutter Home Decor Ideas

The best parts of a home can be beautiful window/door shutters. I don’t t think enough people realize that a window or door shutter can have so much personality. Sometimes they’re bright and make your home pop, sometimes they’re crisp, clean and white, and other times they’re cracked, worn and faded – but even so, they still have a charm and appeal to them that I find to be beautiful and unique. There’s nothing like opening up a window shutter on a breezy day to let in some clean air and sunshine into your home.


The good news is, shutters can be used for more than just accenting your doors or windows. These upcycle ideas are something that I can’t wait to try within my own home for little to no cost.

1. Use an old shutter as the base to hold your herb garden.



2. Who knew shutters were a great place to store kitchen items.


Design Sponge

3. Add a shutter bench to your dining room.


Liz Marie Blog

4. Or use it to hang all of your coats, purses and scarfs.



5. I love the versatility of this piece. You can store invitations, christmas cards, keys, mail and more!



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