Building a Home Office

Work Comfortably From Home


A home office helps a lot in promoting a conducive working environment. (Photo Credits)

There are more and more office based workers who are opting to work from home, hence more and more employers are giving this opportunity because even on their end, it helps the save cost too.

Building a Home Office can greatly help in promoting a conducive working environment especially if there are kids in the house, or phone calls and video conferences would have to be carried out while working off-site.

The website Media Bonnement gave its readers pointers in deciding on where to set-up a home office.

“A home office helps make you look professional and it also provides you with a space dedicated for your work ideas and plans alone.  This is important especially if you are living with roommates or your family.  Building a home office can be achieved by putting up temporary walls.  Choose an area in your home where there is less foot traffic and other types of distractions, so you can build without disturbing much of the more frequently-used spaces and set up your work space in a peaceful area of the house.”

Read the whole article here.

Design Ideas

The Architectural Digest shared inspiring design ideas for a home office.

“For her radical redesign of a Park Avenue apartment, Jennifer Post carved six distinct areas out of the 900-square-foot space. The home office occupies an entire bedroom wall. Its decor is in line with the rest of the place, which has a minimalist feel with a strictly white palette and strategically placed accents of color throughout. “Color is used to increase the length of the apartment. You have to go look for it,” she says.”

Take a look at the design pegs here.

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But if all a home office needs is a make over, then the website West Elm offered home make-over ideas.

“Sneaky sneaky! Sydney-based interior decorator, stylist and blogger, Briar Stanley of Sunday Collector proves you don’t need loads of space to pull off a stylish home office.”

Check out the make-over ideas here.

When building a home office or redecorating one, a construction contractor can do the job well quickly and efficiently.


Home Improvement Projects that Go a Long Way

Remodeling the Home


Renovating even parts of the home can increase its resale value. (Photo Credits)

Home improvement projects can help beautify a home and add to its functionality.

It allows any homeowner to maximize a certain space, and makes any home look aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from all these advantages, home improvement projects also serve to increase the market value of a property.

Commonwealth Home Designs says having an entertainment space can help encourage more buyers to take a second look at the property, and consider buying it. Rictor Concrete Experts 

“State-of-the-art home theaters, game rooms, custom bars, and sitting rooms are must-have spaces in today’s modern home. The experience of a well-designed home entertainment space is an improvement in lifestyle the whole family can enjoy. Homeowners are extending great rooms, renovating basements, and converting attics into valuable bonus rooms.”

Read about the other ideas here.

First Things First

The Lighter Side of Real Estate also said that even changing garage doors can make a good impact to prospective buyers. View Homepage 

“This is actually something that you can do right now because it’s very affordable. On average, it will just cost you $1,595 to have a better looking (and functioning) garage door. It will increase your home’s resale value by $1,410 so that’s an investment well spent.”

Take a look at the other remodeling projects here.

Improve the home, Improve the Value

Rictor Retaining Walls San Diego OMG Lifestyle meantime gave some home remodeling pegs that will inspire any homeowner to consider renovating their home.

“Side Cabinet Next to Fridge. One of the first things we did when we moved into our home was to add a cabinet to the side wall of our fridge.  It was wasted space and my husband created a wonderful spice cabinet for me.  Its right across from my stove so I have easy access to my spices, vinegars, sauces and other ingredients.”

Check out the rest of the inspiring remodeling ideas here.

When remodeling a home o increase its market value, always consider professional help from a contractor.



What a Leaking Roof Can do to a Property

Damage Control for Roof Leaks

slate :: 2 x 3

What to do when there is a roof leak? (Photo Credits)

Roof leaks can happen in any residential or commercial property. The problem with a leaky roof though it bring out more damage than just water entering a home.

Just like what happened in this airport in Doha, Qatar as reported by the website Arabian News. Read more see more now

“But members of the public took to Twitter to warn others of the incident. The Peninsula newspaper posted a video showing large pools of water on the floor of the airport and water flowing from the roof, with the description: “It’s raining cats and dogs. Right inside Hamad Intl. Airport.”’

Read the whole report here.

Roof Repair

In a Public Housing in New York, NY Daily News reported that in spite of the efforts to repair roof leaks, the damage still continued. And this is why some resident have been trying to do what it takes to divert the rainwater from their respective units. RictorConstruction Services

“The public housing resident has created an elaborate network of aluminum foil aqueducts, taped to the ceiling to channel the deluge into buckets placed strategically on the floor. The jury-rigged funnel system keeps the rainfall off her television, her stove and her 2-year-old grandson, Josito.”

Know more about her story here.

Finding a Treasure

Not all roof damage stories though are stressful.

The Independent Journal published a story about a French Homeowner in Toulouse finding what could be a 135-million dollar art work in his attic while trying to detect the source of a roof leak.

Learn more about Rictor Construction 

“Going up into the attic is one of those unpleasant things that most people avoid. When forced to do so, one inevitably finds a motley collection of discarded sports equipment, VHS tapes, and several boxes abandoned by former owners who didn’t want to go up there either. But when one family had to unseal a blocked-off part of their attic thanks to a leaky roof, what they found was hidden treasure. As the Independent reports, while looking for the source of a leak in the roof, the owners of a house in Toulouse, France made an incredible discovery— a possible baroque masterpiece.”

Read more about this story here.

Experts agree that to prevent roof leaks, a property owner should schedule a periodic roof inspection So that in case there are roofing problems, it could be nipped in the bud, right before the rainy season starts.

Trends in Roofing

Roofing Solutions


What are the current trends in roofing? (Photo Credits)

Roof is one of the most important arts of a home or a commercial structure, and over time various trends have paved the way to using different roofing materials for homes and buildings.

Home Smart Home featured some of the current trends when it comes to roofing.

“Speaking of the heat, new innovations have allowed scientists to choose better materials for roofs. If chosen as roofing material, the new roofs will be able to keep a house cold by absorbing minimum amounts of heat from the sun. This development is perfect for houses in urban areas that suffer from hot atmospheres even when they already have light colored roofs.”

Read the other trends here.

Go Green

Design Mena meantime pointed the spotlight on natural materials to build roofs.

“A return to natural materials is the major trend in exteriors as architects look for sustainability and use of more locally sourced materials. Tackling climate change, preservation of resources and conserving water supplies are all issues which the design and build industry is confronting through a commitment towards environmentally friendly materials and construction methods, such as the use of thatch for roofs.”

Check out the whole article here.

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Inhabitat meantime shared a slideshow of a home that has utilized green roofing.

“Bucking Thailand’s thatched house trend, the Aqualina Residence on beautiful Ko Samui is a green-roofed island villa that takes a more contemporary approach. Featuring tall ceilings, minimalist interiors, and massive glass windows overlooking a verdant setting, this tranquil getaway incorporates several sustainable building strategies to reduce its environmental impact.”

Watch the slideshow here.

What type of roofing do you have?

A Day in the Lives of Construction Workers

A Day in the Lives of Construction Workers

All about Construction Workers

Construction Worker Houston Texas 1

Anecdotes on the everyday lives of construction workers. (Photo Credits)

Construction workers usually seem tough and always serious in going about their work day in and day out.

This video shared by Tabooya, however showed their soft side.

“These Steelworkers have been working hard on this building across the street from a Children’s Hospital. One day, they noticed someone watching them from one of the many windows of the hospital –a little girl with cancer, a smiling and waving at them… every morning, without fail. So every day, the workers looked forward to their morning wave with the sick little girl and decided to show her exactly how much they care and hope for her recovery. What they did left her parents overwhelmed with joy. “

Watch the video clip here.

Building Hope and Joy

The same video was shared by the website Daily Liked.

“For Vivian Keith, a 2 and a half year old girl suffering from leukemia, watching people through a window was a rare glimpse of the world with no masks and latex gloves. She and her mom would wave at the workers until at least one of them waved back. But one morning, instead of a wave they saw a sign, a simple construction workers’ gesture that made one sick little girl’s day.”

Check out the article here.

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And because the stereotypical construction worker usually looks unassumingly busy with work, WSBTV reported that some police authorities have decided to pretend to be construction workers to catch erring drivers.

“Some drivers call it sneaky, but one metro police department says going undercover is an effective way to bust drivers texting, tweeting or checking emails behind the wheel. Marietta Police dressed up as a construction crew at a busy Cobb County intersection Wednesday to catch distracted drivers in the act. Most drivers paid no attention to the road crew working at Cobb Parkway at Roswell Road, but the crew wasn’t radioing in survey readings — they were busting distracted drivers.”

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What is your usual impression on construction workers?