What a Leaking Roof Can do to a Property

Damage Control for Roof Leaks

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What to do when there is a roof leak? (Photo Credits)

Roof leaks can happen in any residential or commercial property. The problem with a leaky roof though it bring out more damage than just water entering a home.

Just like what happened in this airport in Doha, Qatar as reported by the website Arabian News. Read more see more now

“But members of the public took to Twitter to warn others of the incident. The Peninsula newspaper posted a video showing large pools of water on the floor of the airport and water flowing from the roof, with the description: “It’s raining cats and dogs. Right inside Hamad Intl. Airport.”’

Read the whole report here.

Roof Repair

In a Public Housing in New York, NY Daily News reported that in spite of the efforts to repair roof leaks, the damage still continued. And this is why some resident have been trying to do what it takes to divert the rainwater from their respective units. RictorConstruction Services

“The public housing resident has created an elaborate network of aluminum foil aqueducts, taped to the ceiling to channel the deluge into buckets placed strategically on the floor. The jury-rigged funnel system keeps the rainfall off her television, her stove and her 2-year-old grandson, Josito.”

Know more about her story here.

Finding a Treasure

Not all roof damage stories though are stressful.

The Independent Journal published a story about a French Homeowner in Toulouse finding what could be a 135-million dollar art work in his attic while trying to detect the source of a roof leak.

Learn more about Rictor Construction 

“Going up into the attic is one of those unpleasant things that most people avoid. When forced to do so, one inevitably finds a motley collection of discarded sports equipment, VHS tapes, and several boxes abandoned by former owners who didn’t want to go up there either. But when one family had to unseal a blocked-off part of their attic thanks to a leaky roof, what they found was hidden treasure. As the Independent reports, while looking for the source of a leak in the roof, the owners of a house in Toulouse, France made an incredible discovery— a possible baroque masterpiece.”

Read more about this story here.

Experts agree that to prevent roof leaks, a property owner should schedule a periodic roof inspection So that in case there are roofing problems, it could be nipped in the bud, right before the rainy season starts.



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