Building a Home Office

Work Comfortably From Home


A home office helps a lot in promoting a conducive working environment. (Photo Credits)

There are more and more office based workers who are opting to work from home, hence more and more employers are giving this opportunity because even on their end, it helps the save cost too.

Building a Home Office can greatly help in promoting a conducive working environment especially if there are kids in the house, or phone calls and video conferences would have to be carried out while working off-site.

The website Media Bonnement gave its readers pointers in deciding on where to set-up a home office.

“A home office helps make you look professional and it also provides you with a space dedicated for your work ideas and plans alone.  This is important especially if you are living with roommates or your family.  Building a home office can be achieved by putting up temporary walls.  Choose an area in your home where there is less foot traffic and other types of distractions, so you can build without disturbing much of the more frequently-used spaces and set up your work space in a peaceful area of the house.”

Read the whole article here.

Design Ideas

The Architectural Digest shared inspiring design ideas for a home office.

“For her radical redesign of a Park Avenue apartment, Jennifer Post carved six distinct areas out of the 900-square-foot space. The home office occupies an entire bedroom wall. Its decor is in line with the rest of the place, which has a minimalist feel with a strictly white palette and strategically placed accents of color throughout. “Color is used to increase the length of the apartment. You have to go look for it,” she says.”

Take a look at the design pegs here.

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But if all a home office needs is a make over, then the website West Elm offered home make-over ideas.

“Sneaky sneaky! Sydney-based interior decorator, stylist and blogger, Briar Stanley of Sunday Collector proves you don’t need loads of space to pull off a stylish home office.”

Check out the make-over ideas here.

When building a home office or redecorating one, a construction contractor can do the job well quickly and efficiently.


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