Bathroom Remodeling 101

Renovating the Bathroom

Gutted Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling tips. (Photo Credits)

Remodeling the bathroom may be one of the goals of any homeowner at one point in his or her life. See more on this post here

With a better, more efficient, and more fabulous bathroom, this part of the home can finally allow anyone to relax and go about his or her bathroom rituals with ease and comfort.

Country Living featured a bathroom renovation meant for small bathrooms. Check out this post   

“Blogger Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors created extra room in her family’s master bathroom by starting from scratch—the project included replacing the door, vanity, and shelves. But if that sounds like a pricey prospect, you’ll be happy to hear her vintage-themed DIY projects are totally inexpensive—and easy to recreate.”

Take a look at the photos here.

Renovation Tips

RictorRenovation Services  HGTV meantime featured bathroom renovations that do not break the bank.

“With $5,000 or less, seven designers dramatically overhaul seven dreary and outdated bathrooms. See the before-and-after photos and steal their budget-friendly ideas for your own bath remodel.”

Get inspired here.

More Tips

Home Talk meantime shared some bathroom renovation Musts every homeowner should not miss. Click here to read more 

“More people are building open showers that are spacious and easy to walk in and out of. If you have the space, consider remodeling your shower and tossing out the door altogether. You will no longer have to worry about soap scum or hard water stains on the shower door, and you’ll give the bathroom a more luxurious, modern look. For a spa-like experience, consider the convenience and appeal of installing an open shower.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

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Renovate on a Budget

Remodel your home without breaking the bank

teen cabinets

Stay within your home renovation budget. (Photo Credits)

Home renovation can be a very expensive project especially when the homeowner goes overboard the allotted budget. View Related Post    

Careful planning and discipline is what’s needed to ensure that the whole endeavor stays within the allotted financial considerations.

House Logic gave tips on how to stick to your home renovation budget. RictorConstruction           

“If you decide to forgo the general contractor route and hire individual workers yourself, it’s best to get at least three quotes for each service performed. Talking to professionals isn’t just about finding the most competitive price. It’s also an opportunity to figure out what services each individual contractor includes within his fee. In fact, the least expensive contractor may be a warning sign for inferior construction quality or subpar building materials. A bid worth reviewing should include a line item for every charge.”

Read the rest of their advice here.

The Bottomline

House and Home meantime shared a video clip on how to renovate on a budget. Click Here 

“Get decorating tips from designer Hilary Ramsay and learn how she updated her home without breaking the bank. See how she renovated her kitchen, dining room and nursery using inexpensive finds and DIY projects.”

Watch the clip here.

For Qanvast, the way to stay within the budget is to be realistic at the initial stages of planning your whole home remodeling project. View Page 

“Nevertheless, it is important not to get swept up with the intricacies of home design. Have a clear budget in mind, determine the look you want and focus on how to turn your house into a special place of rest and comfort.:

Read the rest of the article here.

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Dining Room Remodeling Ideas

Renovating the Dining Area

dining room remodeling ideas

Ideas for Remodeling the Dining Room. (Photo Credits)

Renovating a home’s dining room can give a huge facelift to its overall look.

After all, it I where families and guests mostly converge. In fact some eve use it as an alternate home office.

Interior Design 4 shares ideas on dining room renovation designs.

“LED lighting fixtures will be perfect in the modern dining room and try to install them to be individually control to be able to create different moods in the room. The window treatment of your traditional or country room should match the furnishings, yet you will need to choose a contemporary looking fabric for your modern dining room window. The modern dining room may need recess speakers incorporated into the wall to set the mood of the room.”

Check out the rest of the ideas here.

Inspiring renovations

Home Advisor also has its share of suggestions.

“In older homes the formal dining room is often a separate, walled-in space. And while this helps create a more intimate space, it can also make a home feel compartmentalized and claustrophobic. Today it’s all about the open floor plan. One of the best ways to open up your home and increase your living space is to knock down the walls that separate your living and dining rooms. Note: don’t go knocking down walls yourself. Leave any structural changes to the pros.”

Read the rest of the article here.

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Houzz meantime featured a dining room that is just drool-worthy.

“Warm welcome – The subtle hues chosen for this dining room are certain to become deeper and warmer after dark, and that delicate chandelier will bring sparkle to any gathering. With chairs as comfortable as these, no wonder the cat has made itself at home.”

Check it out here.

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Is It Time to Ditch Your Dining Room?


Home Renovation on a Budget

Staying within a home remodeling budget

Home Renovation, Gramercy Park

How to stay within a set home remodeling budget? (Photo Credits)

Home renovations usually go beyond a homeowners allotted budget when plans get out of hand. offered tips on how to go about a home remodeling without breaking the bank.

“We recommend renovating a home that suit your needs for a period of five years. This is due to the fact that in five years, many changes could take place. In many instances, homeowners would either upgrade to a bigger place to accommodate their kids, or renovate their home to correct past renovation mistakes because they now know what they want.”

Check out the informative article here.

Back to Basics

Zillow meantime shared tips on how to earmark funds for a renovation.

“As a general rule of thumb, you should spend no more on each room than the value of that room as a percentage of your overall house value. (Get an approximate value of your home to start with.) For example, a kitchen generally accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the property value, so spend no more than this on a renovation. If your home is worth $200,000, for example, you’ll want to spend $30,000 or less. Something else to keep in mind: contrary to popular belief, kitchen renovations offer among the lowest return on investment, according to analysis from Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate. Every dollar you spend on a new kitchen only increases the value of your home by 50 cents.”

Read the rest of the tips here.

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Once a budget is set, it is important to stay within the financial limits. Houselogic tells home owners how.

“While your DIY labor is technically free, your lack of know-how can be costly. And then there’s hiring and scheduling. A task like moving a wall could mean hiring an engineer and an architect, not to mention coordinating permits. A general contractor knows who’ll do the best work for the best price, and they’ll know when to schedule them to avoid wasting dollars on inefficient use of time.”

Get the rest of the tips here.

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What to Avoid When Renovating a Home

Avoid Committing these Renovating Mistakes

on the job..2

Renovate your home minus the pitfalls. (Photo Credits)

Renovating a home can be both an exciting and stressful situation. Exciting because the homeowner can see his dream house unravel before his eyes. Stressful because he is in total control and that any wrong decision can be costly, and at the same time unpleasant and inconvenient. shared tips on how to avoid renovation pitfalls.

“Ever dream of sipping tea on the wraparound porch of a Queen Anne Victorian, or gazing at the soaring ceilings of a Gothic Revival after an endless workday? Historic homes carry tons of charm, but here’s the thing: They’re old. And that means they often come with truckloads of hidden or weirdly unexpected issues—and may require exorbitant upgrades. But fear not! With smart planning and a few expert tips, you can renovate the historic home of your fantasies. And, hey, why not create some new history while you’re at it?”

Check out the tips here.

Avoid the pitfalls

Rodale’s Organic Life also shared some Home Improvement mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

“Fiberglass insulation is great at protecting your home against the elements. The problem, some experts say, is that fiberglass emits styrene, a suspected carcinogen. And small fiberglass particles can break off and irritate your skin or lungs, causing rashes and even respiratory problems.”

Read the other tips here.

Related Construction Services:

Renovating. The word alone conjures images of messy, dust-filled rooms. Think of kitchen renovations where the stove, fridge and dishwasher have been pulled out and placed in the middle of the TV room—optimal for entertaining guests, right?  Even worse, bathroom renovations where your entire family of five is forced to share ONE bathroom while the work is being done.”

See the tips here.

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Unique Homes

Unique Homes

A Closer Look at One of a Kind Homes

Dancing Point

Amazingly unique and charming. (Photo Credits)

Each home in unique, after all it is a fusion of various personalities, values, as well as backgrounds of people living on it.

But there really are homes that are literally unique. Just like this firehouse-turned-home featured over at Country Living.

“This home may look like a modern loft, but that is by no means a reflection of its originally intended use. The 4,279-square-foot home is actually an old firehouse, built in 1905, and purchased by the owners from the town of Plymouth, MA.”

Take a look at the house here.

Happy, Unique Homes

Earthables also featured nine homes that are amazingly one-of-a-kind. “Have you ever lived in a truly unusual home? Most of us simply live in the typical brick or stucco structure, but there are homes all over the world that stray far from the norm, from glass and stone houses to airplanes and everything in between.”

Check out the homes here.

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Boredom Therapy for its part shared this unique and luxurious home made from shipping containers!

“It seems crazy to think about now, but there was a time in this country when there were no contractors and pretty much everyone had to build their own home by themselves… from scratch. No real estate brokers. You just picked a spot and set up shop. While those days may be long gone, there are still people who like to take home construction into their own hands, literally, and do so in the most amazing ways.”

Take a look at the photos of the lovely, modern home here.

Do you have a unique home?

Completely Unique Old Shutter Home Decor Ideas

The best parts of a home can be beautiful window/door shutters. I don’t t think enough people realize that a window or door shutter can have so much personality. Sometimes they’re bright and make your home pop, sometimes they’re crisp, clean and white, and other times they’re cracked, worn and faded – but even so, they still have a charm and appeal to them that I find to be beautiful and unique. There’s nothing like opening up a window shutter on a breezy day to let in some clean air and sunshine into your home.


The good news is, shutters can be used for more than just accenting your doors or windows. These upcycle ideas are something that I can’t wait to try within my own home for little to no cost.

1. Use an old shutter as the base to hold your herb garden.



2. Who knew shutters were a great place to store kitchen items.


Design Sponge

3. Add a shutter bench to your dining room.


Liz Marie Blog

4. Or use it to hang all of your coats, purses and scarfs.



5. I love the versatility of this piece. You can store invitations, christmas cards, keys, mail and more!



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